Zero Exclusion – Dual diagnosis

Our client was referred to us as a job retention case. The client is registered blind with depression, anxiety, and ongoing challenges with their employer, a global services provider, with difficulties exacerbated by the arrival of a new manager.

The clients failing vision, as a result of a degenerative condition, was aggravating and worsening their mental health. Our initial analysis was there were indications of possible discrimination, as “reasonable adjustments” were not evidenced. Their failing vision had made their existing work environment untenable; however his preferred solution was a “planned exit” from their job.

Initially, Employ-Ability worked with a sight specific employment support service, to ensure dual expertise to address the complexity of issues around mental health and sight loss complexity.

Our client was referred to the specialist service, accepting their tailored employment and rights support service that had the ability to take the case to a tribunal conclusion, if required. The client therefore had the right support, for the right need at the right time, and knew they could come back to Employ-Ability for further guidance or help.

As the specialist support reduced, Employ-Ability became more active in negotiating an exit.

As a result of our approach the client was able, with the support of our Employment Specialist, to avoid a costly solicitor-led service. They were then supported to achieve a planned exit through a redundancy settlement. We then offered ongoing support to find a new job..

For Employ-Ability the learning was that working in partnership can be extremely effective and will often serve the best interests of the client.