Testimonial – building confidence

‘I have been receiving specialist disability support, with specific reference to job applications from my Employment Specialist (ES) since March 2021.

When I first started working with my ES, I was unsure of what skills I had to offer as up until then, I had just focused on the practical experience as given on my CV in black and white.

My ES spent a considerable amount of time with me breaking down my work experience, so I saw them as individual skills unique to me. This increased my confidence and I felt able to apply for a job that previously I would have felt was out of my reach. Whilst I did not get the job, I did get some feedback and saw that my application had been taken seriously.

My CV was re-worked extensively by my ES and I am really grateful for how they took a very detailed and thorough approach to it. I feel like I am in a better position to apply for jobs with this CV evidence behind me.

Whenever I have asked my ES for help, such as contacting HR departments to follow up applications or recruitment agencies for updates, they have always kept me in the loop with any communication they have had with the other party. I have found this liaison aspect very helpful.

I find my ES’s manner to be very compassionate and down to earth. They have given me a huge confidence boost in feeling there is a job I am suited for out there.’