Rapid and competitive job search

Our Individual Placement and Support Service received a referral regarding a 53-year-old, recently discharged from short-term psychiatric care after 18 months of worsening depression and anxiety.

On initial assessment the client was, not surprisingly, lacking confidence and easily distressed but coherent and hopeful for the future.

We met with the client within 5 days of their discharge and quickly clarified their aims and goals and developed an action plan that focused on a “strengths and highlights” approach to reframe their CV.

Employ-Ability also established the client’s immediate circumstances, their well-being, safety, housing, money, and importantly which other agencies were supporting them. Our initial profiling and action planning identified that the client was;

  • Very capable, when well, and had spent most of his working life in positions of responsibility.
  • Showing that their ambition matched their ability
  • Struggling to manage his way around the benefits system.

The Employment Specialist and the client followed up the initial meeting with an in depth session exploring past work experiences focusing on skills, highlights and achievements.

As a result the client secured full time employment within a major local service sector industry two days after receiving an updated CV, from us, based on the sessions and meetings beforehand.

For the client, this means they can gradually begin to rebuild their lives knowing that if they struggles or falls out of work in the future they can always access Employ-Ability’s service.