Employ-Ability Privacy Statement May 2018

Employ-Ability helps people with mental health problems to get into and keep work, in Essex and beyond.
Its vison is that those with common, enduring and severe mental illness can access high quality back to work support; Employ-Ability will seek to achieve this by providing non-judgmental support to its clients, offering:

We do this by providing individual support to people who have mental health challenges and want find and/ or keep work. This means that we use client’s personal data to understand, support and meet their needs. We do this with a range of partners, some of whom are mandated by law as a statutory data owners, where this happens we process /control information on their behalf.

We only share personal data with consent, unless we need to comply with our Safeguarding policy which permits us to share information under certain strict criteria i.e. a matter of life and death.

We, occasionally, use anonymised data analysis to present information about Employ-Ability that falls within the lawful (basis) legitimate interests such as funding application. We also periodical provide newsletters, bulletins and updates using digitised information that meets our lawful basis for sharing information. Employ-Ability periodically uses the data it stores under consent or its lawful basis to conduct or commission relevant legitimate interest research, where a third party in involved the parameters of their aces to data will be defined

Information is stored manually and electronically in line with our Data Protection Policy and the associated legislation, access is granted only on a needs led basis. All electronic data is hosted and located on servers within the European Union and access by a third party only occurs where the law allows this activity.
Information is retained by ourselves and our partners (Information Controllers or Owners) with whom we have clear contractual arrangements to do so for up to six years and /or in line with the relevant agreement and the data owner.

We explicitly gain the consent of clients and have information sharing protocols with relevant third party controllers or owners, before sharing information. In addition we regularly review and risk assess client consent, subject to case management and changing circumstances. Our clients when/ if they do consent are made aware what information would be shared, when and why and that at any time they have the opportunity to amend or retract that information.

Employ-Ability does not have its own database nor CRM system, and does not routinely collect and/or collate general information about individuals or organisation unless it is expressly for its legitimate lawful interests, and when it does it will offer an auto opt out facility where, when and if this information is transmitted i.e. an update to a group of employers.

Any client or third party can access the information it holds as the data owner on them through individual request in writing or a subject access request.