IPS Centre of Excellence

Employ-Ability’s delivery model is underpinned by its Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Centre of Excellence accreditation; this sets standards for our work that we are measured against and this includes the core principles of our work.

There is now overwhelming international evidence that ‘place then train’ models – and IPS in particular – are much more effective than traditional approaches (such as vocational training and sheltered work) in successfully getting people into work. Research has concluded that:

  • IPS clients were twice as likely to gain employment (55% v 28%) and worked for significantly longer;
  • The total costs for IPS were generally lower than standard services over first 6 months;
  • Individuals who gained employment had reduced hospitalisation;

In June 2018 with partners and NHS England Funding IPS Grow was launched to provide and support the expansion of IPS and to achieve the Five Year Forward Plan ambition of doubling provision.

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