Employ-Ability provides employment support services based on methods that have been shown to work well for people who have experienced severe mental illness. The method is based on the principle that positive outcomes are less to do with diagnosis than they are to do with belief in, and support of, the person.

This has become known as the ‘place then train’ model, as opposed to the ‘readiness model’, whereby the focus was on preparing someone for the workplace. It seems that being in work is good for recovery and most people, if placed in the right job, can get on with it and do well for themselves and their employer.

Our role then becomes one of identifying what the potential employee can do and would like to do. We then identify an employer who has a suitable opportunity and make that connection. With our ongoing support the real impact then comes through the structure and connections supplied by the workplace.

With improved health come the range of other benefits associated with normal life: self-belief, financial security, more social contacts, stability and even peace of mind.