What to expect

So, you want to get back into work but are anxious about your mental health and resilience. Employ-ability makes the prospect of work less daunting.

You will have an initial meeting with us to explore where you are, how you feel, what you have done in the past, your skills and most importantly – what you want to do.

We will call you and fix a time when you can meet, the meeting will be discreet and held in an appropriate place.

Your meeting will be informal and about building your confidence and wellbeing. You will explore varying options such education, employment, volunteering or training. Things that will help you on your journey back to work and recovery.

Once you have a job, you can expect us to stay with you during those first and sometimes daunting days in work, and the months that follow, helping you to maintain your confidence and motivation. We are also there to help empower you to troubleshoot any particular issues with your employer.

Some of our programmes offer Job Retention where we work directly with you and your employer to ensure that both you and your employer are supported to help you maintain your job, or if it’s not right for you we will help you leave that job and look for other work.