Job Retention

Together with Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, we provide an Employment Retention Service to support those in primary and secondary services whose jobs are at risk as a result of their mental ill health. The processes involved are designed to:

  • Identify whether the mental ill health is caused by the clients’ employment or has other causes but is impacting on their job.
  • Determine the impact the workplace or the mental ill health is having.
  • Confirm whether the client is signed off as not Fit to Work and whether they are complying with their workplace policies and procedures.
  • Produce a plan to address concerns and, with permission, contact the employer to explore reasonable adjustments.

We can support you with:

Where this is not possible or desired, we will support the client to leave their job in a planned way and signpost them to employment support services.

We provide services across West and South Essex and accept referrals from a range of sources such as Healthy Minds, GP’s, Employers, the Job Centre, Access & Assessment, and Psychology, as well as taking self-referrals.

Please go to our Library to download a referral form, which is located under the ‘Information’ tab.