Workplace Support

Our workplace support programme

We offer a range of mental health support to businesses and organisations. This support is competitive and focused on preventing employers incurring costs, and can include;

  • Access to Employee Assistance
  • Workplace Mental Health Awareness
  • Job Retention, redundancy, crisis, mediation and resolution support

Employee Assistance 

We work to promote the take up of Employee Assistance, supporting clients in employment to access support where it is in place, and offering advice and access to providers for organisations seeking to ensure they have support in place.

Workplace Mental Health Awareness 

We endeavour to raise awareness of mental health within the workplace. Sessions are designed around the client’s needs and can be blended with existing employee development and support work, this can include;

  • Support to managers and supervisors to enable leaders to share experiences and discuss approaches and /or individual support to managers or supervisors.
  • Supporting Change; Improving Wellbeing – sessions that help develop resilience to common workplace stress such as; communication, workload and change.

Supporting individuals

Bespoke coaching, individual or sessional support to either employers or employees on; behaviour management, supervision, job retention, mediation, and support for those facing redundancy.