Employer case studies

We have successfully worked with many client and employers that have had a positive experience of working with Employ-Ability. Below are some examples.

Employ-Ability’s Individual Placement Support Service and its entry level programme, HeadsUp, continues to provide support once a client has been employed, which is uniquely, time unlimited, and tailored to their needs.

Our client, in their fifties, was referred to Employ-Ability after 17 years working in a fitness club. After eight months absence from work, whilst they provided palliative care for a disabled sibling, our client found they were unable to get up and go out of the house. The client was also developing a drink problem.

Our client was referred to our Individual Placement and Support Service as, initially, a Job Retention case: a teacher in their late thirties with a diagnosis of bi polar disorder. They had been teaching for 15 years and in their current post for 6 years.