Mental health still carries a lot of stigma, meaning that employees are reluctant to raise the subject for fear of discrimination. Managers often shy away from the subject for fear of making matters worse or provoking legal consequences. This culture of fear and avoidance means undetected mental health problems can spiral into a crisis, resulting in sickness absence.

The stigma and related concerns over absence and litigation can also inhibit recruitment of people with mental ill health, which in turn makes disclosure and open dialogue less likely.

We can help employers by providing Mental Health Awareness Support in the workplace.

With regard to the recruitment of our clients, we offer:

  • Cost free recruitment, saving you advertising and shortlisting costs, providing access to job ready candidates matched to the available job.
  • On-going support for employers and employees to encourage a successful induction, or to manage an exit from unsuitable roles.
  • Advice about reasonable adjustments in the workplace and access to work
  • Short term work tasters to allow employer and employee to check for suitable job match.
  • Support and advice for employers and existing employees regarding returning to work if sickness absence is a result of mental ill health.

Those who access our services have a strong desire to secure and/or retain employment.

An offer of employment to one of our clients is a great way for you to support your local community. We will do all we can to make it work.