Retention fitness club

Maintaining Employment; keeping a long serving member of staff in post

Our client, in their fifties, was referred to Employ-Ability after 17 years working in a fitness club. After eight months absence from work, whilst they provided palliative care for a disabled sibling, our client found they were unable to get up and go out of the house. The client was also developing a drink problem.

Subsequently, they were directed to counselling and substance misuse support.

Our Employment Specialist made contact with the employer. Meetings were arranged with the manager and area manager, which led to the preparation of a supported return-to-work plan, including reasonable adjustments.

After discussions, the company accepted the plan and things started to move forward for the client. An agreed phased return was completed.

Employ-Ability’s focus was on getting the client motivated and turning negative issues into positive ways forward. This included the negotiation of time-out for counselling, addressing pay differentials and opportunities for progression.

All of these are now in place and the Employment Specialist visits both employer and client periodically, to see that things are still on track.

As a consequence, the client has held onto their employment and long-service benefits, and the employer has retained an experienced and efficient member of the team, avoiding the cost of recruitment and training costs.