Individualised follow-on support

Employ-Ability’s Individual Placement Support Service and its entry level programme, HeadsUp, continues to provide support once a client has been employed, which is uniquely, time unlimited, and tailored to their needs.

Employ-Ability’s client in their forties, who had suffered a family break up and job loss because of their psychosis. The individual, an intelligent person, who had been an I.T. manager, predominantly in schools and academies.

First referred to the service over two years ago, Employ-Ability worked with the client until a position was secured in an academy.

Our client continued to receive support whilst in work and was doing very well until they were discharged. Our Employment Specialist advised the client to stay in touch in case they got unwell again. Some clients, understandably, prefer to ‘move on’, feeling their recovery journey is complete. However, this may bring a risk to clients of not seeking help, until it is too late, and on this occasion this was the case.

Our client became very unwell, stopped taking his medication and started drawing attention to themselves, by doing overt out-of-character things. The academy decided to ‘let the client go’ and they were subsequently admitted to hospital.

The client and the clinical team worked with Employ-Ability to renew their support.

A lot of motivation work was needed and past achievements were highlighted. The client now has some contract work and is building a database for a company.

Employ-Ability’s Employment Specialist will support the client to look for other work when we know this contract is completed.

Generally the client is improving, with support, and with the ambition that that this will be their last admittance to hospital, saving costs to themselves through loss of employment, and saving the state eye-wateringly expensive care. They also has the re-assurance that Employ-Ability will always be there to support them if and when needed.