The team

Sue Witty
Lead Employment Specialist / Deputy Service Manager, South and West Essex

Sue has been in post since 2008. Sue’s background is predominantly in Recruitment, Sales and Retail. Sue began her career in London working in; retail, high street recruitment agencies and recruitment advertising. Sue leads her West and South teams, and is responsible for managing demand and their caseloads, practice and professional development and developing relationships with employers and partners.

Patrick Sullivan
Lead Employment Retention Specialist, West Essex

Patrick helps users in Epping. He provides 1-1 support to users, helping them with their confidence in order for them to reach their employment goals. He also facilitates support with employers who have employees with mental ill health. Patrick likes classic cars, snorkelling and vegetable growing!

Dave Cooper
HeadsUp, Project Coordinator
David Walkerley
Senior Employment Retention Specialist, South Essex

David helps those with mental ill health to find paid work or voluntary work. His work also involves providing job retention services, working with clinicians and approaching employers to employ Employ-Ability’s users.

Daniel Abbott
Senior Employment Specialist, Uttlesford

Daniel supports adults with mental ill health back into employment and along their individual journeys. He works with his clients to build their confidence and settle them into the job role of their choice. He liaises with local employers to build good relationships for networking and finding placements for his clients. Daniel really enjoys seeing his clients grow with confidence and excelling once in employment. Daniel likes to be social, going to the theatre, singing and spending time with his two year old son.

Steve Race
Senior Employment Specialist, Bury St Edmunds

Most of Steve’s working life has been spent in areas that involved helping others in one way or another and making sure individuals are not written off by society, and that people are empowered to make the best use of opportunities that come their way. He knows that some great work has been, and is being, done by Employ-Ability and looks forward to being a part of that success.

Amy Jacobs
Employment Specialist, Harlow

Amy joined the Employ-Ability team as an Employment Specialist in August 2020 and represents the West Essex team in Uttlesford. Her role is to work alongside the community mental health team to aid people’s recovery through work opportunities. Amy has over 10 years’ experience managing stakeholder relationships. She is passionate about supporting people living with mental ill health to realise their potential in employment.

Amy is also studying to be a Counsellor in her spare time. When she is not working, Amy is usually reading a book or spending time with her little boy and husband.  She is a long suffering Spurs fan.

Cait Rees
Employment Specialist, Harlow

I joined the team in January 2020, prior to this I worked in research for the NHS for 14 years. My role within Employ-Ability is as an Employment Specialist, supporting adults with mental ill health to obtain new employment, support those already in employment and build confidence with clients along their employment journey, whether this is through voluntary work, education or paid employment. My role also enables me to build and develop professional relationships with local employers.

In my spare time you will find me covered in glitter, as I am a keen crafter and will often be crafting with my children.

Emma Pope
Employment Specialist, Harlow

Emma provides support to clients in the area of Harlow to build their confidence and to support them with their employment goals and explores different ways to build and maintain their resilience. Emma helps people who are experiencing mental ill health to find new employment/training or to retain their current employment.
Her past career involved working for a housing provider and a local charity, supporting vulnerable adults with, housing issues, domestic violence and most recently employment issues. She is committed in seeing others feel empowered by their own efforts.
Emma enjoys yoga and is also a keen gardener.

Nicky Hudson
Employment Specialist, Harlow

I joined Employ-Ability in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, as we entered the 2nd lockdown. I am really enjoying getting out and about in the community, meeting clients and employers in equal measure. I love to be able to help individuals get back to work in gainful employment and ensure that they stay in work long term. I also particularly enjoying working with local employers, providing an ancillary service, which dovetails perfectly with their current recruitment processes and helps them find talented people for their business completely free of charge. My experience lies in internal recruitment as a former Sales Director recruiting for sales, marketing, editorial, customer service and support roles.

Rianne Hoye
Employment Specialist, Loughton

Rianne joined Employ-Ability in January 2017 from the recruitment sector, prior to this she worked with special needs children and adults at a local school supporting the students and families. Rianne’s role with Employ-Ability focuses on; helping people with mental ill health find new employment, liaison with mental health teams and approaching local businesses on behalf of our clients.

Andria Moggridge
Employment Specialist, Basildon

Andria provides 1-1 personalised support to users referred to Employ-Ability. Andria helps users become work ready, which includes preparing their CV and identifying their career goals. Andria loves to spend time with her family, and is a keen beaded jewellery maker.

Geraint Hole
Employment Specialist, Brentwood

I have recently joined Employ-Ability and will be covering the Brentwood area from the Brentwood Resource Centre.  I have had a number of different careers in my working life including 15 years in the Met Police, 17 years working in the leisure industry starting as a Personal Trainer and Exercise Referral specialist, and then moved into various managerial roles. This culminated with me being a General Manager running a leisure centre for 7 years.  I am passionate about helping and supporting people with mental ill health back into work, and giving people hope that life can get better.  I have been a client of Employ-ability myself until recently and know the help and support that is on offer.  I wanted to find a job that brought more meaning and reward, so last year I completed the IPS Grow course for Employment Specialists. I will use all of the experience I have gained working in different sectors and also my own life experiences to be an advocate for my clients to get them in to paid work.

Hollie Reynolds
Employment Specialist, Rayleigh

I joined Employ-Ability in October 2020, coming from an NHS and benefits background, and have experience with career support and working with people who have disabilities. My favourite part of my job is seeing people who I have helped into work flourishing and enjoying their new role. I have a good relationship with my clients and I think that getting back to work is an essential part of their recovery. We offer supported employment to make sure that the clients have the best chance to succeed when they return to the workplace.

Amanda Hicks
Employment Specialist, Southend

I have recently joined the Employ-Ability team after being TUPE from Rethink Mental illness. I have been an Employment Specialist for the past 7 years and am based within the Community Mental Health Team at the Taylor Centre in Southend. I support adults with severe and enduring mental health issues back into paid employment. I encourage confidence, help create or tweak CV’s and covering letters, assist with job searching, applications and interviewing skills. I have been based within the community health team for just over a year. Prior to this, I worked within the early intervention (1st Psychosis team) that is located in Rochford. I have over 20 years’ experience within the care sector.

My spare time is taken up with my 3 children and husband. We spend quality time enjoying various days out and holidays away from our hectic home lives. I also enjoy gardening and DIY projects, as I find them rewarding and therapeutic.

Corinne Page

I joined Employ-Ability in July 2020 from Rethink Mental Illness. I previously worked in a day centre for adults with learning disabilities for 18 years. I have lots of experience working with people, which I hope makes me an approachable person. From experience, I know the difference being in employment with a supportive employer can make to your wellbeing and will do all I can to support my clients on an individual basis to achieve their goals.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family. I also love animals and have a dog called Woody, as well as keeping chickens.

Jo Fitzgerald
Employment Specialist, Southend

I have an eclectic work history and have spent over 15 years of them working and supporting people with mental health issues. I have worked as an Employment Specialist for the last 5 years. I have just joined the South Essex Team, but still remain working at the Community Mental Health Team in Southend. My passion is supporting people in their employment journey to secure and sustain a job that will aid their recovery so they can enjoy a life / work balance. I also support people to set up their own small business if this is an option for them.

I enjoy travelling for inspiration and to gather beautiful things, so that in my spare time I can design, make and produce lovely items that I sell at different pop up craft events.

Christina Wright
Employment Retention Specialist, South Essex

Christina has a varied background in supporting individuals with additional social, emotional, learning and mental health needs in therapeutic and social care roles and also delivering training to professionals around these topics. Christina enjoys building relationships with people and helping them to recognise their own strengths and potential, so they can move towards reaching their goals. Within her role in the Retention team, she supports employees and employers to find ways of working together to enable the employee to retain their role; which can include looking at reasonable adjustments and additional support that can be accessed. In her spare time Christina enjoys playing the saxophone, piano and drums and also volunteers for the Samaritans.

Kim Macleod
Employment Retention Specialist, South Essex

Before joining Employ-Ability as an Employment Specialist, Kim worked in the City for 19 years, both in recruitment and HR. Her most recent role was working as a Recruitment Manager for a medium sized city firm. In her spare time Kim is passionate about personal development, well-being and enjoys restorative yoga.

Angelo Sansiviero
Employment Specialist, Bury St Edmunds

Angelo has recently joined the Employ-Ability team based in Bury St Edmunds, bringing seven years of recruitment experience with him. He specialised as a graduate for schools focusing on special educational needs support provision and he is now excited to use the recruitment expertise he has to support those with mental ill health in finding and retaining work. Angelo enjoys building relationships and helping people to find success and thrive, when he’s not doing that, you might find him poring through a good book or spending time with his family.

Elizabeth Reeves
Employment Specialist, Bury St Edmunds

Lizzie joined the team as an Employment Specialist covering the Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury area. Having previously worked in the Health and Social Care sector, Lizzie is passionate about supporting people in an individualised way. When not at work Lizzie loves spending time with her family and friends.

Helen Bartram
HeadsUp, Peer Support Worker

Helen works with people in West Essex to support them as they make their way back in to work or training. This support can be with developing & improving their confidence levels, creating or editing a CV, registering for online job searches or applying for jobs or training courses. Helping people to grow and fulfil their potential is an important aspect of the job for Helen. Outside of work, Helen also enjoys baking and spending as much time as possible by the sea.

Sophie Rees
HeadsUp, Peer Support & Employment Advisor
Debbie Parry
Senior Administrator

Debbie supports the Service Manager and looks after all of the office administration at Employ-Ability. She ensures that the rest of the staff have adequate support to work efficiently.  She has extensive experience within administration support spanning over 35 years. Debbie is a trainee counsellor and enjoys sewing in her spare time.